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Make SourceBackup function as continuous source backup like Google Drive?

Dec 13, 2013 at 8:18 PM
Dear SourceBackup Developers --

Please help.

Is there a way to make SourceBackup function as continuous source backup, that works like DropBox or Google Drive, but saves locally?

I would like a utility that will "watch" my source code hive and (like DropBox and Google Drive) will continously save changes to some other local non-web location (not in the cloud).

I like the way DropBox and Google Drive just simply "do the right thing" and do it seamlessly, with minimal overhead (once v1 is collected for all files), and etc.

Note that I cannot use DropBox or Google Drive (though I would like to do so), because this is the client's source code and it must stay only on their LAN.

Note that we do use a modern, state-of-the-art source-control system, but it is flaky, it is setup to allow multiple checkouts of the same file, there are many developers on the team, the project-files seem to get munged or confused, etc.

So, this would be just a CYA, personal, local-machine thing that I do on my own, (maybe store the copies on the LAN drive H), just in case, so I do not lose hours of work (again) due to source-control weirdness.

Currently, I am using SourceBackup and it is good, but it is launched manually, and just a brute-force-copy, not file-watcher-based.

Maybe I could write something, with FileSystemWatcher, or something?

Or maybe there is another solution?

What do you think?

Please advise.


-- Mark Kamoski