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VDPROJ files are no longer supported?

Nov 4, 2013 at 1:59 PM
Dear SourceBackup Developers --

FYI, it seems that VDPROJ files are no longer supported.

I just downloaded the source ZIP and tried to open it in Visual Studio 2012.

The following warnings appeared on Solution load.

(See the links below too, for news about this not-supported issue, etc.)


This version of Visual Studio does not have the following project types installed or does not support them. You can still open these projects in the version of Visual Studio in which they were originally created.
 - SourceBackupSetup, "C:\Save\sourcebackup-87526\SourceBackupSetup\SourceBackupSetup.vdproj"
No changes required
These projects can be opened in this version of Visual Studio without changing them. They will continue to open in Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and in this version of Visual Studio.
 - SourceBackup, "C:\Save\sourcebackup-87526\SourceBackup\SourceBackup.csproj"
 - CopyMoveFileAsAdmin, "C:\Save\sourcebackup-87526\CopyMoveFileAsAdmin\CopyMoveFileAsAdmin.csproj"
 - SourceRestore, "C:\Save\sourcebackup-87526\SourseRestore\SourceRestore.csproj"
 - SourceBackup, "C:\Save\sourcebackup-87526\SourceBackup.sln"

For more information on this, please see the following...

I am sorry that .vdproj project is not supported in VS2012, so you can't open and work this project in VS2012.
See the following paragraph which is quoted from this MSDN article for further information:
You can’t open this project in Visual Studio 2012 because it doesn't support that project type. We recommend that you use InstallShield Limited Edition for Visual Studio (ISLE), a free deployment solution that directly supports most Windows platforms and application runtimes. You can also use ISLE to import data and settings from Visual Studio Installer projects. For more information, see Windows Installer Deployment.
Vicky Song [MSFT]
MSDN Community Support | Feedback to us
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Visual Studio setup projects (vdproj) will not ship with future versions of VS
Buck Hodges 17 Mar 2011 3:49 PM 42
[UPDATE 11/6/12] Fixed broken links.
At the user group meeting last night, someone asked about the future of WiX. There was some confusion over the future of WiX since at one point there was a plan to ship it but then that changed. Rob Mensching, who leads the WiX project, is a developer on Visual Studio, and Visual Studio continues to contribute to the WiX project. We use WiX to create the installation packages for VS and a bunch of other stuff.
The Visual Studio setup projects will not ship again – VS 2010 was the last release with support for it. So, you’ll want to make plans to migrate to something else. Of course, I’d suggest looking into WiX, and there are other options as well. The MSDN page Choosing a Windows Installer Deployment Tool contains a table showing a comparison of VS setup projects, WiX, and InstallShield Limited Edition.
Future versions of Visual Studio will not include the Visual Studio Installer project templates. To preserve existing customer investments in Visual Studio Installer projects, Microsoft will continue to support the Visual Studio Installer projects that shipped with Visual Studio 2010 per the product life-cycle strategy. For more information, see Expanded Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy for Business & Development Products.



-- Mark Kamoski
Nov 6, 2013 at 4:52 AM
I'll have to convert the installer to something like WIX at some time. Just need some time to implement it...
Nov 6, 2013 at 1:43 PM
RudolfHenning wrote:
I'll have to convert the installer to something like WIX at some time. Just need some time to implement it...
The project is simple and contained.

As such, it is not worth the time to build an installer.

Just run the EXE.

Works fine here.



-- Mark Kamoski